Q1. What happens after my application is submitted & how & when will I receive a response?

Your application will be instantly sent to our recruitment team in Bristol. We will make contact with you either by telephone or e-mail within 2 weeks.
Successful candidates are then invited to attend a group interview either in Bristol, the UK or an international location.

Q2. What happens at the interview?

As well as a one to one interview you will learn all about Harding Retail, life at sea & have the opportunity to ask questions. All requirements for your interview are confirmed to you via email and you will be required to return completed forms prior to your interview.

Q3. How will I know the outcome of my interview?

You will receive an email with confirmation within 72 hours of your interview. If successful you will be sent a successful pack containing full details/support letters to enable you to obtain the required visas & certification

Q4. Do you employ couples?

Yes! However, you will be treated as individuals throughout the application process. If both successful we will try our best to schedule you to the same ship, however this is unlikely on the first contract.

Q5. If I am not successful at interview can I reapply?

Yes you can reapply after 6 months.

Q6. If I am successful how quickly can I join a ship?

This is a combination of how quickly you obtain your seafarers documentation and the number of vacancies that are available that would be suitable for you. The recruitment team will be in constant contact to keep you updated on time frames.

Q7. When should I hand my notice in to my current employer?

Once you have obtained your seafarers certification we will look for a ship placement and advise you when to hand in your notice.

Q8. What is a C1/D Visa?

This is an American crew visa that all Harding Retail colleagues are required to have to work on-board ships.

Q9. How do I obtain a C1/D Visa?

Once you are successful at interview you will need to book an appointment with the US Consulate in the country you reside in. On the day of the appointment you will need to attend the US consulate in person and you will be asked to produce the C1/D support letter that is supplied by Harding Retail in your successful pack, as proof of your reason for travel. As part of the visa process the embassy will conduct an Enhanced Disclosure check to ensure that you do not have any criminal history.

Q10. What happens if I fail my enhanced Disclosure check and C1/D Visa interview?

Unfortunately without a C1/D visa you are unable to embark a ship with Harding Retail.

Q11. Why do I need a Seafarers Medical?

This is a Maritime standard requirement.

Q.12 What happens if I fail my Seafarers Medical?

If you fail your Medical we are unable to continue with your training as you will be unable to work on-board without a valid medical.

Q13. Do I need to be able to swim to work on-board?

It is not a requirement to be able to swim however as part of your Personal Survival Techniques Course you will learn how to stay afloat whilst wearing a life jacket.

Q15. Who pays for uniform, food & accommodation during the contract?

We supply uniform to you free of charge & we pay the cruise line for your food & accommodation whilst you are on-board.

Q16. Can I choose which ship I work on?

The recruitment team decides which ship you will work on for your first contract.

Q18. Will I be able to get off the ship when it is in port?

Sometimes you will but other times you will be working. On average 2 out of 3 port days you will be able to visit the ports.

Q19. How long will I be away from home?

A contract is for a period of 6 months.

Q20. Can I do more than one contract?

Yes, if you successfully complete your contract, you can do as many contracts as you like as long as you have a 4 week break in between each 6 month contract.

Q21. Are there opportunities to progress within the company?

Harding Retail strongly believes in career development and promoting from within whenever possible. We advertise all Central Support positions on-board our ships and encourage progression into the teams at Bristol..